Essential for maximum bearing service life and optimum machine performance.

To help ensure long bearing service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and bearings while in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help reduce machine downtime and decrease overall maintenance costs.

To help you achieve this goal, SKF has developed a wide range of instruments for analyzing the critical environmental conditions that have an impact on bearing and machine performance.


Electric motor test and monitoring solutions

Over the last five decades Baker Instrument built a great reputation as an innovative provider of electric motor test equipment for industrial motor maintenance professionals. Our products are used around the globe in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, motor manufacturing and repair applications. Now, as an integrated business of SKF USA, we continue to build upon that worldwide reputation. While Baker Instrument is no longer a company entity, the Baker brand lives on in the latest generations of surge test products such as the versatile Baker DX and automated, user-programmable Baker AWA-IV static motor analyzers.


Energy and Sustainability Management

The Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) team is an SKF "Centre of Excellence", delivering services and solutions to SKF facilities and customers to comprehensively achieve and sustain energy savings. The team offers a range of products, services and solutions.


Portable data collectors and analyzers

With more than a century of leadership in the design and manufacture of bearings, SKF's R&D Engineers have leveraged every bit of this expertise as they pioneered many of the world's leading condition monitoring tools and technologies. As such, SKF offers a wide variety of portable condition monitoring hardware.

The SKF Microlog series of analyzers and portable maintenance instruments is designed to enable a user to establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring programme. As a diagnostic tool, the SKF Microlog series is unequalled in its class.

With robust, high-speed data processors and optimum data storage capacity, SKF Microlog analyzers are equipped to operate within today's most advanced computerized maintenance management systems. Units are available with a range of individual modules and accessories for specific types of analysis required to meet a plant's monitoring needs.


Inspection systems

The SKF Microlog Inspector is a powerful system used for recording inspection data. Operators use this system as a replacement for verbal or paper inspection trails to document their observations with accurate, consistent and actionable information.


SKF Microlog Inspector is ideally suited for:


The SKF Microlog Inspector allows users to quickly and easily collect, store and analyze overall machine vibration, process and inspection data. Intuitive screens provide clear problem description and define and prioritize corrections according to preset parameters. Instructions are available at the push of a button to guide the user on the most appropriate response to take for changes in machine conditions.

Surveillance systems

SKF has a comprehensive product range and field service backed by decades of field experience. SKF's surveillance systems take the risk out of machine condition monitoring by the utilization of three different types of systems: on-line systems, transmitter-based systems and protection systems.

1. On-line systems

For critical plant equipment or equipment where access is difficult or user safety is at risk, an SKF on-line machine condition monitoring system is a viable solution. On-line systems allow reliability and maintenance personnel to focus on diagnosing and correcting equipment problems rather than spending precious time collecting condition monitoring data.

2. Transmitter based systems

SKF offers transmitter based systems that offer low cost continuous monitoring and protection. Such systems include machine condition transmitters (MCT), loop-powered vibration transmitters, systems for the Mining/Mineral industry, and custom condition monitoring products.

3. Protection systems

With more than 35 years experience in production and service of instruments for monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of mechanical behaviour of critical machinery, SKF offers total system integration by bringing advanced condition monitoring and protection systems into a plant-wide control platform.

Motor quality control test systems

These rack-style motor quality control units are rugged, field-proven systems for testing stators and armatures in high-volume manufacturing environments. They combine the most common electrical tests into an efficient automated solution.

1. Baker WinTATS

The Baker WinTATS traction armature test system is a rugged, field-proven system for testing armatures in motor manufacturing and quality control operations. It combines common process electrical tests into one automated instrument. AC hipot, DC hipot, surge and resistance tests are standard.
Baker WinTATS is comprised of a rack-style cabinet that contains a Windows 7-based computer, power supplies and measurement circuits, plus a CAM RST armature indexing stand. In operation, the test armature is loaded onto the RST indexing stand, test contacts are positioned next to the armature commutator and testing is begun at the "start test" command. The standard test sequence consists of DC and/or AC hipot tests, a resistance test and a surge test.

2. Baker WinAST

Manufacturers of stators, coils, alternators, rotors and other kinds of motor windings need advanced, dependable and proven test systems. If the ability to conduct common in-process electrical tests in one custom built automated test instrument is required, look to SKF's Baker WinAST automated stator test system.
Baker WinAST systems not only test manufactured products, they also test manufacturing processes. Trends within the manufacturing process can be monitored allowing the anticipation of problems. The Baker WinAST system is set apart from other winding test systems because of its highly-sensitive computer-controlled testing, analysis and report generation software. The Baker WinAST computer makes testing virtually automatic.

3. Bench-top motor quality control test instruments

KF has bench-top quality control (QC) test products for electric motors that are designed to perform specific functions.
Surge/impulse tester: The DT05 is a bench-top impulse tester for motor manufacturing and service facilities for quality assurance tests on coils, stators, rotors, transformers or other types of windings.
Low-resistance ohm meter: The RT45 is a bench-top Kelvin ohm meter capable of accurately measuring low resistances with 4.5-digit resolution.
AC/DC/IR insulation tester: The HP91 is no longer available.


SKF has comprehensive software solutions with powerful diagnostic and analytical capabilities to provide fast, efficient and reliable storage, analysis and retrieval of complex asset information. This software makes the information accessible throughout your organisation. The software available for your condition monitoring needs include the following.

1. SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite

SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite The SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite forms the basis for a completely integrated approach to condition monitoring, permitting fast, efficient and reliable storage, manipulation and retrieval of large amounts of complex machine and plant information.

2. SKF @ptitude Decision Support

Improve time utilization
Reduce training time
Earlier fault resolution
Decrease maintenance costs
Improve operational efficiency
Provide a powerful structure to capture, retain and utilize knowledge

3. Analysis and Reporting Manager

The Analysis and Reporting Manager (ARM) is a supporting PC-based software application for SKF Microlog modules that allows automatic transferring, displaying and analyzing of data generated by application modules for the SKF Microlog AX and GX Series instruments.

With SKF's Analysis and Reporting Manager, data is stored in a .csv format and you can easily transfer it into Microsoft Excel or other third party software. Its post-processing features allow users to get the most out of the SKF Microlog Analyzer modules.

4. Software for electric motor testing

All Baker AWA-IV units run with complete analysis software to provide reliable, repeatable and trended results from a wide range of testing capabilities. This software features full database functionality for predictive maintenance programme performance.
Baker AWA-IV Xpe (Software for XP Embedded)
Baker AWA-IV Desktop Software-English
Baker AWA-IV Desktop Software-German


Sensors and eddy probe systems

SKF has developed a range of industrial vibration sensors that incorporates over three decades of practical experience from providing transducers such as eddy current probe displacement sensors, accelerometers and velocity sensors, to machinery monitoring of all classes in multiple industries. Mating cables, connectors and hardware are also available, so SKF makes it easier to buy and specify the exact solution for your requirements.

1. Vibration sensors

With the proper sensor to supply the critical operating information, the machine operates in a safer condition for both the machine as well as the personnel operating the machine. Various machine operating conditions concerning temperature extremes, magnetic fields, vibration range, frequency range, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions and the required signal quality necessitate the need for a variety of sensors.

2. Proximity/Eddy probe systems

Eddy probe system SKF offers a selection of eddy probe systems, also called proximity probe systems, to ensure the most suitable transducer for machinery protection and monitoring. The simplicity and rugged design of SKF’s eddy probe systems enables them to withstand the temperatures and chemicals typically encountered in the harsh industrial environment.

Condition monitoring training

SKF offers a wide range of training courses to help you maximize the benefits of using your SKF products. These courses are designed with a real-world practical approach for engineers and technicians to apply what they've whose responsibilities require them to be proficient in the use of the SKF condition monitoring products.







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