Extending the service life of bearings to reduce costs, downtime and environmental impact

Wear, rust, indentations, microcrack Certain application conditions – like contamination or sporadic metal–to-metal contact in the rolling contact zone – can cause all sorts of damage to your bearings. As a result, the service life of a bearing is often shorter than the calculated rating life.The alternative is to apply a controlled remanufacturing process before any major damage or bearing failure occurs. This can substantially prolong the service life of the bearing in question, reducing costs and lead times. And since it requires less energy than manufacturing a new bearing, it is better for the environment as well.

The typical candidates of industrial bearing remanufacturing are:




The fastest way back to productivity

SKF Machine Tool Services is constantly improving and expanding our spindle repair services. Today, we offer advanced spindle analysis and testing, plus repairs and rebuilds. SKF Spindle Repair Services include:




A comprehensive range of asset management services

Consultancy experience in manufacturing and process industries. Industry-leading expertise in application engineering and condition monitoring. Manufacturing experience and knowledge of rotating machine reliability. SKF has combined all of it to form a uniquely comprehensive range of strategic and tactical asset management services.


Proven improvement process

We start with a proven assessment process to identify plant improvement opportunities and develop solutions. The objective is to incorporate your business goals, application challenges and organizational culture into a road map for improving reliability. We then apply our proven Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) methodology to develop solutions that will enable your assets producing more without increasing capital
spending on new equipment, ultimately increasing your return on assets. Available worldwide, SKF asset management services can help your operation develop strategies and tactics to achieve bottom-line results.




Increase knowledge to improve reliability

Manufacturers today are under tremendous pressure to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, achieving maximum machine reliability is critical. The profitability of all manufacturers is reliant on the skills of its personnel and how employers’ and industry support these personnel to fulfill their potential.


Why SKF for reliability maintenance training?

Our training courses are backed by over 100 years of experience and knowledge of rotating machine reliability that is unmatched in the world. Close working partnerships with our clients have given us a unique and intimate understanding of the processes and challenges specific to every major industry.




Optimize the performance of your design with SKF knowledge

The development of a new gearbox with higher power density, the improvement of an existing gas turbine to meet the market’s increasing demands or the design of a completely new generation of wind turbines with higher kW-cost ratio. The scope of development projects is very wide. Rapid globalization makes technical development even more important; only with innovative solutions and increased quality and performance your machines can stay ahead of your competition and contribute to the bottom line of your customers.


To run technical development projects successfully you often need different types of high level knowledge, such as advanced calculation specialists and material experts. Competences that are not always available in your own company.




Your success is our success.

At SKF, we are determined to support you and your operation in every way possible. This means having the capability, the resources and the commitment to go the extra mile so that you can realize the true potential of lubrication.


Making the difference.

Having the right lubrication partner can often be an important success factor. With SKF, you can rely on our engineers to provide leading technical support and services – when, where and how you need it. Our approach is to provide the best possible assistance for your specific requirements and challenges.


Higher reliability, reduced costs

Uptime is at the heart of productivity. With SKF, you can look forward to a lubrication solution that can extend both machine uptime and service intervals for higher productivity.


Sustainability at work

When you partner with SKF, you are doing both the environment and the workplace a favour. An SKF lubrication solution is designed to optimize the amount of lubricant required in the first place.




Today, maintenance managers face a difficult task: Although their staff may be very good, they have a large group of machines to look after and may not be able to follow precision maintenance practices. In addition, equipment maintenance is becoming more complicated because of ongoing technical advances, and environmental and safety laws are increasingly strict, placing more pressure on this function than ever before.

Recognizing the need for supplemental resources, SKF offers a broad range of maintenance services to help companies achieve their maintenance goals.




Putting the power of condition monitoring within reach

Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) – a process pioneered by SKF – empowers operators to contribute proactively to a company-wide aintenance strategy. The process is built on a simple realization – that equipment operators are usually the first to detect even the smallest changes in machine conditions.

SKF's ODR service contract makes it easy

With an SKF ODR service contract, SKF first prepares a detailed business case for your ODR program – one that meets your business objectives and is based on documented results in your industry. An SKF ODR program can be integrated easily with other SKF Asset Management Services, including predictive maintenance, proactive reliability maintenance and integrated maintenance solutions programs.

Support from design to deployment and beyond

After working closely with you to design and develop a customized program, SKF then handles every detail of installation, remaining with your team during program implementation and deployment. Services include expert staff training, ongoing product and process support, and doing whatever it takes to create a successful program.




The gateway to SKF knowledge

SKF Solution Factory is where people and technology come together to create greater asset performance. We apply SKF knowledge and services to design, create and deliver custom solutions to even your toughest productivity challenges. It might be a machine that’s underperforming.




Save half to a third of the cost of new equipment

Backed by more than a century of combined ball screw repair and engineering experience, SKF has the technical expertise to keep your equipment up and running. Along with repairing all major brands, SKF will inspect and evaluate your ball screw assemblies at no charge. Emergency, 24/7 services and 24-hour turnarounds are available as required.








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